Our family tree is deeply rooted. For many generations, they have lived and worked in the same village, on the same street, on the same plot of land, crafting wooden products for over 100 years. It is a tradition that we proudly carry on and that continues to inspire us in the design of our products. Just like our parents and their parents before us, we strive to build a better future for the next generation.

Sustainability is about the world of tomorrow and how we pass it on today. That is why we take into account the durability of our resources and how they are extracted. We look at the entire life cycle of our product and how we can extend it. We consider how our product influences our users behavior. In short, we assess the total impact our company has on our environment.

Looking up in a bamboo forest.

Bamboo a sustainable foundation

From the very first concept of Foote, it was clear that we wanted to make this product in wood. Wood is a warm, renewable material that gives a product a unique look, its own soul, so to speak.

Ultimately, we chose bamboo. Bamboo shrinks little, does not warp, and grows very quickly. After cutting, a new stem grows from the same root system. In combination with its rapid growth, this results in a rotation time of only 7 years instead of 30 years or longer as is the case with most other tree species.

Close up of a Foote's top hinge with screw/nut.

Screw don't glue

Although gluing is often the simplest and cheapest way to create a connection between parts, breaking it afterwards is usually very difficult. Using screws is therefore a better option, as these types of connection are easy to undo.

This allows us to disassemble and repair or upgrade the product. In this way, we not only extend the lifespan of Foote, but also facilitate the recycling of the various materials. The entire lifecycle of Foote is thus positively influenced.

Foote connected to a Samsung phone using Dex-mode.

Replace only the necessary

A laptop integrates several devices: a computer, a screen, a keyboard, and a mouse. This makes a laptop easier to carry. But how often is an entire laptop replaced because one component breaks down or gets outdated. 

However, by using Foote in combination with a smartphone, mouse, and keyboard, you create a modular system. This way, you only have to replace that one component, reducing the electronic waste pile.

Blueprint of a house.

Optimize the available space

Foote allows rooms to have more than one function. Create a dedicated work space, without dedicating the entire space to work.

One less room means there is no need for materials to build this room, no energy to heat this room, and room left for other things.

Flowering cherry threes in Haspengouw.

Locally produced

Local production can play an important role in promoting sustainability. A human cannot live separately form their environment, which is why they'd want to preserve it. By producing Foote at the same location where we ourselves, our family and our friends live, we force ourselves to consider the sustainability of our activities. We believe that what we do not want to do in our own neighborhood, we should not do in someone else's neighborhood either.