Frequently Asked Questions

What monitor sizes are compatible with Foote?

Foote has been developed to be used with portable monitors. Most portable monitors have a size of 15 or 17 inches and weigh no more than 1.2 kg, which Foote can easily handle. Larger and heavier monitors are difficult to carry, and Foote is not suitable for those

Does Foote come with a mobile monitor included?

We can offer multiple monitors with Foote when you order from us. We offer both 15 and 17 inch screens in various resolutions.

How do I attach my portable monitor to my Foote?

There are 2 options to attach Foote to your mobile monitor:

  1. Your monitor is VESA 75x75 compatible. It is important that the VESA mount is located in the center of the monitor, both horizontally and vertically, so that the center of the VESA mount aligns with the center of the monitor. The back of the monitor should be completely flat.

  2. Your monitor has neither a VESA nor a tripod connection but is completely flat on the back. In this case, we have a connection that can be securely attached to the back center of the monitor. This connection can later be transformed into a VESA 75x75 connection."

I already have a portable monitor. Can I purchase Foote separately and use it?

You can purchase Foote separately and use it with a portable monitor of your choice, as long as it weighs less than 1.2 kg and has one of the 2 attachment methods mentioned above. If you're not sure, you can always contact us and we'll figure it out for you.

Can I use Foote with a tablet instead of a portable monitor?

Currently, Foote can only be used with a portable monitor, but a tablet version is on our roadmap. Leave your email address here and we'll keep you updated on the launch.

How do I pronounce Foote?

You pronounce Foote as "Foot" (or fʊt to be correct).

Our Foote is named after Eunice Foote, the 19th century American physicist, inventor, and women's rights advocate. She was the first to discover the effect of CO2 on global warming. We thought it was a nice coincidence that our Foote is also a "foot" for your screen.