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About us

An, Vincent and Susi. The Foote team!

Foote is a product of Orville, an engineering firm founded by An Pirlot and Vincent Ramaekers. From blacksmith and carpenter to mechanical engineer and designer, creating is a craft as old as time. Since the very beginning of humanity, we have been fascinated by the transformation of ideas into reality.

From this perspective, our slogan also gets a clear definition. "Bringing ideas to life" is the concept that combines three actions: an idea starts in your head, takes shape in your hands, and speaks from the heart. This is how we reason and operate. Call us idea developers, because that's exactly what we are.

The physical result of this is Foote, our first fully-owned product. This product reflects the exact translation of Orville: a product that was developed in our minds, created from our hearts, and made with our hands.